5 Tools Everyone in the Beer Jerky Industry Should Be Using

Below's a concern - when was the last time you uncovered a brand-new treat? One that really blew your mind. As well as no, finding that Christmas selection box at the rear of your cupboard doesn't count.

If you've never come across biltong, be gotten ready for a whole new snacking experience. A nutrient-rich, satisfyingly meaty one at that. Make sure to look into our favourite biltong dishes.


Amusing you must ask. Biltong is thinly sliced dried out, treated meat originating in Southern African nations like Zimbabwe, Botswana and also South Africa. If we had to compare it to something, we 'd say it was a little like beef jerky. Yet count on us - it's an entire different monster. Similar to beef jerky, biltong was typically utilized to enliven weary travellers on legendary, long-distance trips. But their similarities end ideal regarding there.

When it pertains to flavour and healing, beef jerky as well as biltong couldn't be much more various. Back then, the people of Southern Africa check here maintained their meat by curing it with salt as well as hanging it up. Then European inhabitants came along and altered the entire process. They brought vinegar, spices, pepper, cloves, and coriander to the mix. Ever heard of saltpeter? It's a natural mineral source of potassium nitrate (excellent old KNO3), and is bitong's friend.